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We’re still in the middle of the first ever IDRevolution but we wanted to share some quick highlights with you.


IDLife releases new product: sample packs.


IDLife written in lights on the side of the Omni hotel.



In case you missed it, IDLife’s official newsletter, IDNews, had an excellent article on omega 3 fish oils.

IDNews March Cover

Here is a copy straight from the newsletter:

Fish out of water!

Omega-3 Complex – a core solution to today’s dietary deficiency of Essential Fatty Acids

PAUL SULLIVAN – Inventor and Formulator, IDNutrition

IDNutrition uses Omega-3 Complex as a core solution to today’ s dietary deficiency of Essential Fatty Acids (EFA’s) and all the health benefits they deliver. EFA’s are “Essential” Fatty Acids required by the body and must be acquired by either diet or supplementation.

IDNutrition uses Omega-3 Complex as a core solution to today’ s dietary deficiency of Essential Fatty Acids (EFA’s) and all the health benefits they deliver.

What are EFA’s?

EFA’s are “Essential” Fatty Acids required by the body and must be acquired by either diet or supplementation. While there are other minor EFA’s, Omega-6’s and Omega3’s are the most important and the ideal balance of Omega-6 to Omega-3 in the diet is 1:1. Unfortunately, in the Standard American Diet that ratio is a pathetic 25:1.

Omega-6 EFAs come basically from grains and are the corn, cottonseed, soy, sunflower and saflower oils but are now dangerously out of balance leading to inflammation and chronic disease such as arthritis, cardiovascular disease and obesity. Omega-3 EFA’s come from fish oils (mackerel, salmon and sardines), krill oil and some plant oils with flaxseed and chia being the most popular. Fish oil delivers much more Omega-3s than do krill, ax or chia and in a much more ecient and easy to absorb form.

Why Omega-3s?

The key Omega-3 EFAs are EPA (Eicosapentenoicacid) and DHA (Docosahexaenoic Acid). Studies have shown that in doses smaller than 1 Omega-3 Complex taken daily yield the following benefits:

• Decreased platelet aggregation (protects against sticky blood and clots forming in arteries).
• Reduction in irregular heartbeats, triglycerides, cardiac death and all cause mortality.
• Reduction of blood pressure and inflammation.

Why is IDNutrition better?

About 8% of people taking fish oil have trouble with an unpleasant burping sensation and taste the fish oil capsule about 15 minutes after ingestion. Usually, this is resolved by taking with a fatty meal (like dinner) or a snack and NOT just with a cup of coffee or glass of juice.

To avoid this discomfort, our Omega-3 Complex capsules are also formulated with alpha tocopherol (used by only about 5% of our competitors) to prevent the oxidation of fish oil or the “spoiling” that often happens a week after the competitor’s bottle is opened and causes the burping. Our small (700mg and 50% more concentrated versus the usual 1000mg) “easy to use” capsules are often dispensed within 60 days even though their expiration date is over two years and basically your 30 day supply come from the ocean to your packets within several weeks.

Omega-3 Complex; Fresh and Essential and Core to IDNutrition.

IDLife Formulator
Clinical Nutritionist

If you haven’t seen it, IDLife has published a new Meal Replacement Shake flyer.

It’s available in your backoffice.

idlife meal replacement shake flyer

Here is the text in case you need to copy and paste the content into your own publications:

It’s Not Just Your Ordinary Meal Replacement Shake
But An Extraordinary Source of Protein

Why Does Our Body Need Protein?

Our bodies are made mostly of protein – our hair, nails, blood, bones, muscles, organs, ligaments, immune system, nerves, hormones and enzymes are all made of protein! Proteins play a critical role in regulating blood pressure, hormonal and enzyme synthesis and immunity. Albumin (a type of protein) contributes greatly to maintaining the balance of fluids within our body.

In the course of everyday living (not to mention if you have just suffered an injury), our tissues break down and wear out and must be regularly replaced and repaired. If the body becomes deficient in the right protein supply, muscles and vital organs will disintegrate, fluids will be imbalanced, causing edema and swelling, hormones and enzymes will not work properly, and the immune cells will not be able to protect the body from harmful invaders.

We Need Protein Every Day To Thrive

We can live a whole lifetime without eating carbohydrates, and we can live for 6 months or more without eating fat, however, we can only live for a maximum of 70 days without eating protein.

Since we cannot store excess protein, protein is the only macronutrient that we absolutely must eat regularly in order to thrive. Without sufficient protein in the diet, the body will have no choice but to break down muscle fibers to release the protein it needs to survive.

The IDLife Shake Uses Whey Protein – the Highest Quality Protein Available

Whey protein contains all the essential amino acids. Essential amino acids cannot be made by the body, they must come
from food. Whey Protein also boasts the highest protein quality rating among all proteins, which has dramatic
benets, including:

  • Supports immune health
  • Supports energy levels
  • Supports joint and muscle health
  • Supports beneficial colon bacteria
  • Promotes muscle strength, endurance and recovery
  • Protects all your tissues’ cells via its antioxidant properties
  • Provides critical amino acids and proteins for overall optimal health
  • Supports your body’s optimal metabolic rate and fat burning level

The IDLife Meal Replacement Shake is the ONLY shake made with Whey Protein and Micro-milled Chia Seed, creating a SuperFood, that is not only NUTRITIOUS, but DELICIOUS and has only 130 calories per serving.

Our Shake is sweetened with Stevia and is available in naturally flavored chocolate and vanilla. IDLife products are non-GMO, casein, soy and gluten free. IDLife is a HIPAA compliant company.

Find more about the IDLife Meal Replacement Shake here.

Bootcamps are announced and coming up. Check the IDLife events page.

Product pamphlets and kiosks coming soon to the myidlife store.

Product Flyers are available in your back officer under tools and resources.

Don’t forget the IDRevolution benefits, and register by Feb 28th to get the free products promo.

Be sure to acquire plenty of preferred customers to get these perks!



There is now a friendly link for your customers to take the IDLife Free Health Assessment.

Click Here For The Free IDLife Health Assessment

New Link for the Free Health Assessment



Is IDLife Nutrition Vegan Friendly?
Short answer: Yes

IDLife Nutrition contains some ingredients that are derived from animals, like high quality omega-3 fish oils for instance. However, because of the unique and key-advantage of IDNutrition, each and every ingredient is customizable for each customer. What that means is not every one gets the same formula.IDLife can certainly be vegan friendly

If one is allergic to a particular allergen, then IDLife can completely avoid that ingredient in their monthly package. Vegans will appreciate this ability. Possibly in the future, one can select vegan in the dietary checkboxes on the free health assessment, and their individually designed nutrition package will be completely free of animal products.

IDLife is the only health and wellness company that can offer a complete and personalized solution for each customer. Not to mention it’s all in one package at that. Why is this awesome for vegans? No more reading countless labels for the pesky hidden animal-based ingredients!

Logan Stout looking at labels in the vitamin shop

Often times, it takes hours to peruse labels in the health food store islands to find all the bottles of needed nutriments from vegan-friendly sources. Lately, manufactures have come a long way. Many brands will now offer a easy to find “vegan” logo on the bottle to ease one’s mind. But then there are those that say nothing, yet don’t clearly list any animal ingredients. Are they vegan? Or are they hiding some unlabeled animal ingredient that prevents them from offering an easy to find vegan-friendly logo?

IDLife takes this process a step further towards the progression of the perfect product. Once someone has the ability to check off that they’re a vegan, they never have to let their mind wonder endlessly again.

Is Is IDLife Nutrition Vegan Friendly? Soon! Take the free health assessment Now.

Don’t take my word for it… go take the free health assessment now..
*please note the vegan option has not yet been added to the IDNutrition assessment as of this time, please look for it soon*

IDLife Launch Events happening in Texas (Dallas and Houston), Georgia, New Jersey, Pennsylvanian, Maryland.

IDLife first convention, name TBA, in Dallas on the first weekend (2nd-4th) in May, 2014.


First, Leisa Hart gave her recommendations on getting healthy to start the new year and IDLife business right!



Then Tad Tomaseski talked about the ID Nutrition product.





IDNutrition is much more than one product.




IDNutrition uses chrono biology with convenient and maximally effective AM /PM dosing.


IDNurition uses bio-active filler ingredients




ID Life products have the ability to change with science – because science will continue to change as it develops.




Scott Unclebach talked about planning.